Friday, January 20, 2017

The Workshop in Review, 2016 (3).

A Rescued Chair and Several "Favourites"

 I fell in love with a "tossed away treasure" (Photo - March 27)

This lovely chair now resides at Cranberry Cottage, PEI

While out for a walk in late March, 2016, I spotted four chairs sitting on an Orchard Street boulevard. Unwanted, I suppose.

I sat down upon the well-armed captain's chair and found it was just my size. And it came home with me, balanced upon my head. I painted it, along with my father's four-legged stool (to match), and carried it by car - 2,000 miles east - to its current home in PEI.

Spring time I spent busily and happily inside my workshop, building up inventory for Gathering on the Green in June and other future sales. I made several models "by the batch" and soon had basement shelves full.

 These small ones dot the surrounding area. Only one remains.

 My "bread and butter", small red cedar houses

 Occasionally I turn leftover lumber into log cabins

 Hefty duplexes are manufactured when the mood strikes

White cedar condo is trimmed with old western cedar

More to follow.

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