Sunday, January 1, 2017

Transition Zone Squared (11).

2016 Year End News Report.

"I walked a lot of miles and didn't fall in once!"

This morning I tallied my WALKN miles for the full year and my eyes almost popped out. How far??

In 366 days I walked (and jogged) 314 times and covered 1438.75 miles. That's about 4.6 miles per outing and 119.9 miles per month. In other words, my WALKN in 2016 was pretty steady and solid.

 I started the last week of 2016 with energy (and a good book)

With snow on the ground I added 'bike ridn' to my fun and fitness routine (above). I can read while ridn on my recumbent bike and finished my latest read in four days. Easy kap-easy.

 On Dec. 30 I walked 5 miles, ended the week w 26.5 miles

More miles ahead

In 2016 I also took over a million photos and thought thousands of good thoughts while walkn/jogn/readn and ridn. I'm hopn to do the same in 2017.

Maybe see you out there.

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