Sunday, January 15, 2017

WALKN Miles in 2017 (TZ2 15).

Can I Walk a Marathon Per Week?

There are many scenic walkways in London.

Several thoughts run - or briskly walk - through my head as I consider my fun and fitness (or walking/shuffling/jogging) goals for 2017.

In no particular order.... I realize I walked a lot of miles in 2016, i.e., 1439 miles in all. Should I match that total, or cover more or fewer miles in 2017? I shuffled and jogged 60 times last year, and developed a relatively smooth and easy stride. Where does jogging fit in during 2017? My desire to get out the door is consistently strong, I nurse no minor injuries, the streets are generally bare, routes are scenic, the air is fresh, I like afternoon or evening walks in the one to one and a half hour range, and I seem to be consistently hitting 20 - 30 miles per week without difficulty.

 On Wed., Jan 11 I walked before my hockey game. Smooth move.

Friday the 13th weather was good. I easily completed walk No. 54
(out of 120, the Transition Zone Squared set, i.e., TZ2) 

I like my routine and I don't think it needs much tweaking. Sure, I could do more stretching and strength training, and I think I will.... gradually, and in the near future. For certain, I seem to be aiming for 26.25 miles (marathon distance) per week with Saturdays off.

Will I be able to walk a marathon per week for 52 weeks in 2017? If I do, I would cover 1363 miles, down a bit from 2016.

We shall see what we shall see.

Photos from along the way:

Stay tuned for more WALKN in London, Ontario.

Please link to WALKN Miles in 2017. TZ2 (14).

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