Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cool and Comfortable.

The Benefits of Walking After Supper.

I have been taking more evening walks lately because my mornings and afternoons are busier, full. My motorcycle and workshop always lure me away from walking routes and running shoes during spring and summer.

In the early evening the day's temperature cools down and I feel like I can walk farther and faster than during the heat of the day. Other people skate, walk, bike or run past me. Surely some of them feel that the evening is the best time of day for their activity as well.

NP17 means.... walk 17 out of 120 in a set of walks entitled "No Pressure" 

 I aim to bring my weekly mileage to 26.5 miles (marathon distance)

8 PM. Nice time of day

See you out there after supper?

Please link to Terry Fox Pathway and Beyond

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