Thursday, April 6, 2017

No Pressure: Steady Eddie Likes the Warmer Weather

As the earth warms, the grass greens. And as the grass greens, spirits rise.

I walked through Harris Park yesterday, early afternoon, and later played hockey. During both activities I whistled a happy tune [e.g., between shifts as a power forward : ) ] because I had juice, pep and spring in my legs from steady winter walking. Energy levels feel a bit higher every time I step out the door now.

 More spring colours in my colour-co-ordinated walking gear!
Yesterday's walk, NP2 (No Pressure 2) was smooth and steady.

 Weekly mileage totals from my last ten weeks of walking - steady!

 More spring colours are on the way!

Walking trails extend East Of Adelaide to Meadowlily Bridge!
Lots of good walking EOA since 1873, I believe

Happy trails.

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