Tuesday, May 16, 2017

50,000 KM., 50,000 Photographs.

And Most Are From Port Bruce!

I pull over south of Belmont and photograph a milestone. 

I have a famous motorcycle, a few very familiar routes and a favourite destination. Hooked on great views and BLTs, that's me.

I'm sure I'll land in Port Bruce twenty more times during the next few months but I won't pull over again - on the way back to London - to mark the mileage. Because hitting 50,000 KM on the odometer only happens once per bike.

More Photos From Along the Way:

 Hazy day. Not a turbine in sight.

 Gulls are missing too from a favourite perch.

 A lot of miles are behind me.

 50,000 KM coming up in 2 more seconds.

 The view at 50,000 KM looks north to Belmont, ONT.

 The BLT @ $4.95 is a pretty good deal. That being said....

 "Gord's Classic" is tops. Will The Corner View add it to the menu?

 I'll gladly pay $6.45 for the "Classic". But the views are still free.

 The Yamaha is like a homing device. North shore, Lake Erie!

Only the sea gulls enjoy a better view than I do.

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