Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Drive in the Country.

The Long Point Causeway, Canoes and a Muddy Creek.

Reg gets one peek at the blue sky - then it was gone.

Yesterday's weather certainly didn't help show off Long Point's long, sandy beaches or Lake Erie's colourful waves. Only once or twice did two friends and I - during a Highway 59 'crop tour' - see blue skies and bright white clouds or feel the sun's warmth.

And, sadly, I made the observation more than once, that markers of my childhood are gradually disappearing. My first public school is in decay, it's side yard now a building lot. My high school is now an elementary school, the Anglican church I attended is no more, the old pool room is a Thrift Shop. The list goes on.

"I am that old," I sometimes say.

That being said, I am still young and energetic enough to laugh at wayside canoes and crawl under small bridges to investigate mud nests made by swallows. Life is full in ways many a good-lookin', productive, middle-ager can enjoy.

"Pass the ketchup and onions, the Foot Long and French Fries are delicious," I said during yesterday's lunch at the Long Point Arcade, after Larry and Reg had dropped a few quarters into arcade machines.

Photos from along the way:

A gray day all around

"Paddle faster, Lady. Yer sinkin'"

Please link to A Return to Swallow Cliff.

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