Monday, May 1, 2017

A Port Bruce Collection (1)

I Park My Bike. I Walk Around.

What a mess today is. I'd like to ride, my bike is under a tarp and the weather is cool and wet. Even going for coffee seems a pain.

So, time to focus and pick a pleasant indoor job, maybe inside the workshop.

Maybe even post some photos of better times in Port Bruce:

Port Bruce is a small port on the north shore of Lake Erie, west of more popular beachside communities like Port Dover, Long Point and Port Burwell.

It's a small, humble yet cozy spot, where parents are held responsible for their children and the walk to the beach looks a little scrubbier than old postcards.

Go for a walk on the wilder side, stay for the BLTs*.

Please link to Port Bruce: Colour vs Black and White.

Photos GH

*BLTs at The Corner View Cafe

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