Friday, September 29, 2017

Favourite Photos (1).

Mainly from Port Bruce : )

[Photo: The only shot from a foreign country (Port Glasgow)]

The rest of the photographs were taken 'along the way', i.e., as I travelled to or along the beach at Port Bruce, Ontario. I visit the small port often because of its world class BLTs, hamburgers and Key Lime ice cream at The Corner View Cafe. I have made the 60 km. trip from London so often my Yamaha knows the way there by itself. 

 Mr. Snap N. Turtle, Edgeware Line Creek

 He heads north while I head south to Lake Erie

Stormy weather in August:

Sailing weather in September:

Black and whites:

Swimming with one hand, snapping photos with the other : ) -

Yamaha cools off while I enjoy a Key Lime cone:

I'm betting good riding weather will be available well into November.

So, more photos to follow.

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