Friday, September 22, 2017

Port Bruce, Sept. 21, 2017.

Subtle Differences.

[Photo: Same location as Sunday, slightly different colours]

Sounds in the air at the small port were different yesterday than a few days earlier. The metal channel barrier was squeaking, or groaning eerily. 

The subtle, daily differences in sights, sounds and colours (and more) may be one of the reasons I keep returning to these particular shores. Key Lime ice cream at 3 bucks a pop is a good reason too. : )

Yesterday I went for a dip in the deep end. Small camera got wet... but only for a sec. Photos from 'The Deep End' will appear soon, after the photo card dries off.

Postcards from Port Bruce:

From Edgeware Line, my first stop yesterday, to see if Mr. S. Turtle was home:

Nobody home but me.

My future workshop : ) on Glencolin Line:

 Not much traffic but the shop will thrive! Kiddin', of course.

 Last photo of the day:

Photos GH

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