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Video: "Faint Footsteps, World War II," Part 6

The Video Series Continues w Recreational Activities

"Sailors Work Hard, Play Hard in Scotland" (1942)

"Gambling was not allowed in the Navy. Losers might steal."


The Canadians in Combined Ops did get time off or leaves from training during their time in Inveraray and Irvine, Scotland, 1942. Sometimes they would walk to the closest pubs, 1 - 2 miles away from their camps (e.g., HMS Quebec near Inveraray; Camp Auchengate near Irvine). Gambling was a no-no but a few Canadians tried their luck with dice when no one was watching. Bad luck followed on the heels of some of our boys.

The video that follows describes some of the recreational activities enjoyed by many Canadians during WWII. A few bash ups are described as well.

One of Dad's navy mates "poured the coals" to an ALC or LCM
and smashed into the stern of the Princess Iris. "Hell to Pay!"
"Faint Footsteps WWII, Part 6" follows:

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