Monday, August 17, 2009

My favourite diner is no longer home to four-penny cheese

Because I visit it so often on my way to Lake Erie, my motorcycle could find the New Sarum Diner without my help.

I said in a column a few years ago that the diner was the home of four-penny cheese (“what a bargain”) because a cheeseburger only cost 4 cents more than a regular burger. Today the price difference is 20 cents.

[Which begs the question: What are cows doing differently that’s so darn expensive? Come on... I want to know.]

And over the last few years The Homer Burger has gone up $2.00.

[Link to photos of my favourite diner]

Not that I care about that.

The Homer Burger is named after a local guy named Homer and only found on The Diner’s menu, so I’ve been told while doing extensive research with burger juice dripping from my chin.

Here’s what the menu says:

“Big and cheesy. Triple patties, double cheese and bacon. Served on a kaiser with slaw and fries. 3/4 pounder.”

Costs $11.99.

I get heart-burn just thinking about it, and though I don’t recommend you try one, I encourage you to go for lunch and take a good look at the many original black and white photos of Elgin county’s oldest diner.

And I wasn’t kidding about the research part, or the burger juice.

“It was built in 1930 as a corncob pipe factory. Later became known as Dooley Crane’s filling station. In 1943 it became the Deluxe Diner and White Rose service station.”

I didn’t take a photo, however, believing I had one on file. Big mistake.


Need directions? Give me a dingle.

Got your own favourite diner. Drop me a line or post a photo.


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