Friday, July 5, 2013

first world problem: bachelor boy vs the freezer

I'm buried in food. I can't keep up with the supply unless I eat 6 meals per day.

See, my wife is visiting her mother for a few days and before she left she gave me grocery money, a tidy sum I will try not to spend because, shortly after she left, I discovered we have approximately 400 pounds of food stored in kitchen cupboards, the refrigerator and freezers. Why do I need to buy more food? I say, I don't.

["I found frozen soup - worth $1.00 - in the basement freezer"]

I know I'll soon have to buy bread. TP and toothpaste but just about everything else I need is already on board. How long will the grocery money last? I think at least two months. (My wife won't be gone more than a few days, but I'm just saying...).

Do you think you're buried in food? Why do we keep so much on hand? For a surprise family reunion of forty people? When is that ever going to happen?

["The frozen soup, purchased at a church bazaar last
year, was delicious. So was the hot dog bun w cheese"]

This is a first world problem, right?

Photos by GH


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