Monday, July 8, 2013

'Saturday Specials' hit the nail

As a kid in the 1950s I learned that Saturdays are special. No school at nine o'clock, and cartoons started at 8 a.m. on our small black and white telee-vision. In the 1960s, while working at Maedel's Red & White Grocery Store in Norwich, Ontario I learned that Saturdays were the busiest shopping day of the week. We were rushed off our feet ("What's on special today, Gordie?" many would ask while I stocked shelves) and we closed later than any other day. After mopping up the floors I usually felt I had to run all the way to the 'teens' dance' at the Legion Hall so I wouldn't miss too much of the glorious Saturday night action.

["Always ask about the Saturday Special"]

Saturdays were special then. They still are.

["I set up a table and few birdhouses. Easy kap-easy"]

Today, but only on the occasional Saturday morning, I try selling a few birdhouses on my front lawn. To attract a wee bit of attention I've painted a sign that reads 'Please ask me about the SATURDAY SPECIALS'. I think it's maybe the best line I could have printed because, in my mind, Saturday still sounds like freedom, the day to goof around, shop, relax, think about Saturday night action and more. I'm certain many other people like Saturday as much as I do. So 'SATURDAY' is a very good word for my sign.

I also think folks like 'SPECIALS' almost as much. And together... why, together the two words are like a positive double whammy, a big dose of goodness, a sloppy helping of the best the world has to offer.

"What's on special today?" some passersby will ask with a grin. "What do you mean, The Saturday Special?" others will say while inspecting my wares.

It does my heart good to hear it. Sure, I like the interaction, the stories that people tell, discussions about birds and the spontaneous 'Q & A' concerning birdhouse dimensions, materials and longevity. Sure, I like turning a birdhouse around in my hands while explaining certain details ("If you take out these three screws the bottom drops out and you'll be able to clean out the house in a jiff") and the sense of accomplishment when one sells.

But most of all I like selling a Saturday Special - it's the ultimate win-win situation - seeing the look of customer satisfaction (because if I'm about anything it's high level customer satisfaction), then buying coffee on Monday morning with Saturday's money and feeling as if it's free, and as if I won some kind of first prize on the weekend.

SATURDAY SPECIALS. It's a good sign.

Photos by GH


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Lannie Good said...

hi bro: love the red cedar, what a nice deep color..will wear well in all kinds of weather too..quite the hot, humid weather these days..jumping in the pool a L.Dee

G. Harrison said...

the lumber in the old fence is fun to work with, easy kap-easy. I wish I had a barn full of the stuff. wet day here, now it's time for popcorn!
cheers, gord