Tuesday, July 2, 2013

royal mail in the workshop 2

Two weeks ago I began building the prototype for a classy mailbox in order to fill a request from a local potter. (Link to initial stage.) I like a challenge and I had some lovely western cedar and gray barn board on hand once I was ready make a serious start.

["It should be about this big, this way and that"]

["It should be big enough for a folded newspaper"]

Last weekend, after attaching a lid and trim, I used the potter's business card as a guide and cut and assembled a tea pot for the face of the mailbox. Then I cut out four letters to attach to the front as well, so that the mialman knows it's a new mialbox.


And lastly, I placed the finished project on a top shelf, ready for delivery.

In my opinoin, not bad at all. : )

Photos by GH


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