Friday, January 29, 2016

Carry On Gang 2, "My Favourite Colour is Plaid"

On the Road Again and Again

I think the 'Carry On' theme for my next walking/fun-and-fitness routine is fitting because I'm going to have to make a good effort for a long time while making The GREAT Canadian Comeback. I should be carrying on until the first week of April at the rate I'm going. Beyond that... we'll just wait and see.

Old sayings like 'nothing comes easy', 'if you want cheap you can have cheap', 'go slow and enjoy the view' and 'I look pretty good in plaid, eh' all spring to mind while I'm out there walking my way to better fitness.

"I do look pretty good in plaid, eh?"

More photos from along the way:

Link here to Keep Going 60, "I Hit My Target"

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