Friday, January 8, 2016

Keep Going 41 - "That's 68.33 Per Cent"

By the Numbers

"Don and I hiked through a unique section of town yesterday"

I have checked off 41 walks out of 60 for Goal 2 (Keep Going 60 or KG60) related to The GREAT Canadian Comeback. That's 68.33 per cent. I say, that's darn good.

I've had 13 walks in a row since Christmas. Haven't missed a day. So that's 100 per cent. I say, that's pretty awesome.

The weather has been mild, I have sturdy, hybrid walking/hiking shoes, colour-co-ordinated outfits and a Timex watch. Oh, and I'm in the process of cleaning up a suitable space in the basement to do stretching and strengthening exercises - within my limits, of course.

Why, sometime in the near future I should very likely be able to do more than 5 push-ups and sit-ups in a row! Mr. Svelte, here I come!

 "Access to a field and horsey corral is off Baseline St. West"

"Easy, Trigger"

And just around the corner I was greeted by cousin Chris Harrison who told Don and I a bit more about the unique property behind his street. Small world. And cool walk, I say.

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