Friday, January 22, 2016

Keep Going 54 & Next Goal Ideas

"Sign Up for a Fall Marathon?"

"This September photo of Harris Park pathway still motivates me"

Scenes like the above make me feel like I want to be out there too, in a healthy atmosphere, covering a few miles as part of my daily routine. And since starting The GREAT Canadian Comeback in late September I've done just that with excellent regularity, sometimes solo, most of the time with a good walking mate.

Photos record my progress related to goals that are within my limits:

 "On Sept. 28 I began The Comeback with MM1,
a 1-HR. walk including 3 Miles and a few Mountains

 "I missed a few days but the habit started growing on me"

 "I'm only 5'5" tall but have very long legs"

"After I finished MM50 on Nov. 25 I challenged
myself to Keep Going for 60 longer walks"

"Yesterday Don and I past through Harris Park, and 
exitted via the steep hill behind Eldon House. Whew!"

I think I will likely hit KG60 before the end of January 2016, so my mind now turns toward the next goal. What should I do to continue a good fun and fitness routine and how can I tweak it in order to improve performance in some way? Should I sign up for a fall marathon and add a huge motivational component to The GREAT Canadian Comeback? Should I just Keep Going but add a short jog once per week? Hmmmmm.

 "Hey, I have a new workout area in my study"

Here's what I know after some careful thought and number crunching:

Overall, I have completed 104 substantial walks in 116 days. That's a 'Got out the Door' (GOTD) Score of 89.7%. Pretty darn high. If I had that kind of average at university I'd be a brain surgeon right now and having lunch every Friday in Paris. "Garcon, more croissants, if you please."

In December, however, I walked 29 days out of 31. That's a GOTD Score of 93.5%.

And in January, to date, my GOTD Score is 95.2% (20 out of 21).

(BTW. Don just called. We're on for 12:30 today).

It looks like I can develop and maintain a pretty good 'fun and fitness' routine. However, though I have not weighed myself or completed any strength training tests, I don't think my overall fitness has improved a great deal. Why, I don't think I could run two blocks without telling myself to stop and go lie down. And I still eat everything in sight without much thought about how my nutritional habits affect my fitness, weight, energy level, etc. Oh, I'm a bad one for chocolate and cookies.

To sign up for a marathon, even a 5K road race, would be a foolish mistake. My next goal has to be like the last one (because I'm doing so well with GOTD) but with a bit more oomph. I know that doesn't sound very scientific but I feel that if I tweak things just a bit for the next two months, good things will follow.

I conclude the following:

I will pledge to complete 60 more healthy walks again. (Goal KG2).

I will try to develop the habit of stretching on my new foam mats a few times per week for about 10 - 15 minutes at a time.

I will try to develop the habit of lifting a few weights a few times per week for about 10 - 15 minutes at a time.

I will try to ride my exercise bike once or twice per week (after supper) to supplement the walking.

I will sign up for a lecture or two related to nutrition, as recommended by my family doctor. Why, I have the presentation/discussion schedule - with handy-dandy phone number - around here somewhere.

There, I feel better already, taking the long road back, one step forward at a time. And at this time I reserve the right to tweak things a bit over the next few days.

KG2 (1 - 60), coming soon to a theater near you!

"Maybe I'll see you out there?"

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