Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Speed Up, Man 15 "A T-shirt Day"

Will I Wear Shorts Today?

If today's temperature is similar to yesterday's - the walkn shorts are coming out.

Nice walk on April 10 with Don, but he may have twisted his knee at some point. On the 11th he said, "Go solo."

He even penned a wee poem to mark his predicament:

Odd Guy

There was an odd guy, his name was Don,
He had a buddy who kept repeatin', "Come on."

Don frowned and humpfed, he looked about,
He panicked and sweated with a look of doubt.

What'll I do? I cannot go.
My knee is too sore, I'm far too slow.

With wisdom and grace his friend quietly said,
"Take your time ... rest, better than bein' half dead."

"I'll call you up on the party line, to check tomorrow
To see if you're fine. Good-bye for now ... I'm out the door."

"So long!!"

Photos from along the way:

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