Friday, April 1, 2016

Speed Up, Man 3 "My First Compliment"

"What Else Can I Say?"

Speed Up, Man. 90 walks over the next three months.

I didn't jog yesterday but I did wear my new red tights again. Stylin' in the 'hood, I say. And I received my first compliment re my outfit.

I offered to help a woman with her groceries and she said, "Are you with the Fire Department?"

Obviously, bright red really works for me.

"I've done this hill 150 times," she told me.

March, by the Numbers -

I completed 32 walks in 31 days, including 3 days off and 4 extras.

My GOTD score (getting out the door) is 103.2%.

My average GOTD score for 6 months is now 92.9%. Yeh, I don't take many days off.

Another month is in the books

I covered 144 miles in March, my highest month's total to date.

My average miles/month now stands at 116.

Over 6 months my walking habit is taking hold and improving in two key areas. My GOTD rate is growing and I'm walking more miles per month, on average.

If I can now increase my speed (slowly, over time) between April and this time 2017, I'll feel like I'm really getting somewhere and that 'The GREAT Canadian Comeback' is well underway.

I say.... Smokin'.

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