Friday, April 22, 2016

The GREAT Canadian Comeback

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Hardy Canadians Build Good Foundations

"I have no problem with the rain"

I built a solid base or foundation for what is to follow (Who knows? A 5K roadrace, a marathon, a walk across Spain?) by walking an average of 116 miles per month for the last six months. I think the walking I do now, including a bit of 'shufflin' off to Buffalo', is pretty easy because of my GOTD score from October to end of March. That is, I 'Got Out The Door' on 93 per cent of the 180 days in those months.

See, Canadians are generally a hardy folk, not stymied by winter weather. I covered 121 miles in December, 140 in January and 114 in February. Not bad, not bad at all. And yesterday, I walked in the rain. I had Greenway Park to myself!

Why, when I went to university as a kid, me and my roomies survived on dog kibble for months at a time. We even sang a song about it every Friday before supper. (I don't have it written down in my UWO notebooks but I think it was just called 'Kibbles and Beer').

Here's what I can recall - about 50 years later:

(In unison, loudly) Verse one!

Kibbles and beer, kibbles and beer,
Open the Molsons* and we'll give a cheer.
We'll only eat kibble for one more year,
Unless we all flunk outta Psychology!! (followed by uproarious laughter)

(Together) Verse two!

Kibbles and beer, kibbles and beer,
Open the Carlings* and we'll give a cheer.
We don't have money for pork chops or steer,
Unless we all become Dennis!! (i.e., Dentists, and followed by uproarious laughter)

Verse three!

Kibbles and beer, kibbles and beer,
Open some Fifties and we'll give a cheer.
If it's not in a stubby get the heck outta here,
Unless you're giving it away!! (fall down on the floor with laughter)

(Last line, loudest of all) There is no verse four! (followed by the loudest cheer)

"You don't need a UWO degree to know why the toad crossed the road"

*As I recall, Molsons Golden, Carling Red Cap

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