Monday, April 4, 2016

Speed Up, Man 6 "Short Cruise Thru Old East"

Peregrine Falcon?

"I finished the week with a 3-miler, for a total of 34 miles"
(And I think I like my red tights more than the blue).

On Friday Don and I headed east toward our old stompin' grounds, i.e., past the Old Vic Tavern, Aberdeen PS (the site in which we taught together) and a marvel of a store called Stranos'. Oh, yeah, you really should drop by for bread, pastries, deli meats and cheeses. Right out of the 1950s, with Ma and Pa Stranos keeping very busy behind the counters.

 "Is this a peregrine falcon? Pigeon? Peregrine after eating a pigeon?"
(Atop an empty building on South St.)

 "Curious cats, wondering why I am on their lawn, in Old East."

"Looking west while walking backwards on Queen St. East"

On Saturday we visited the Farmers' Market and walked up and down several neat and tidy side streets. Short but sweet, I say.

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