Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gord's Hop Farm.

Vigorous Vines.

Hayhoe's hop farm, south of Mt. Salem.

I know of one hop farm - doing well, it seems - 50 to 60 kilometres south-east of London. I know of another much smaller one very close to home, i.e., in my backyard.

Hayhoe's hop farm is healthy and expanding, so I assume he has found a market for his 4 or 5 varieties of hop cones. My crop is growing well too, stretching towards my new lattice on the back deck. Three local home brewers are certainly welcome to use the fall crop, same deal as last year. : )

The Hops are at the Birdhouse:

Birdhouses on the fence have visitors.

 Cedar lattice has a top rail now, and is under attack

I reposition hop vines twice per day to fill the lattice.

The vines are growing about 6 - 12 inches per day. News at 11.

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