Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Swallows Rule the Air 2.

Mud Nests Lined Up Like Ducks.

Under the bridge on Hunter Crossley Line (it runs east-west, south of Belmont) reside 100s of mud swallows. After several 100s of trips with beakfuls of mud, from the nearby creek bed to the under-corner of the bridge, they created unique and sturdy nests in which young are born and raised.

Last week I counted about 85 nests.

When I stand under the roadway, the swallows are fearful, noisy at times, some swoop close to my head to inspect my intentions (all good, I assure you), and they fill the air around me while I photograph their homes - magical creations - lined up like mottled ducks in a row.

When I step back, a ways from the creek and bridge, the swallows return to work. The space under the bridge becomes a blur of activity.

More to follow.

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