Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Motorcycle Monday.

A Gateway to the Sea.

[Photo: Hop over a log and you're there!]

Yesterday morning, the TV said "rain starts at 2 PM for London and area." So, I quickly warmed up the bike, sailed to Port Bruce, and returned by 1:30. Could have stayed longer, but I'd left the workshop door open, with projects - ready for attention - on the workbench.

I stopped to check out mud condos along the way, parked in the shade at Port Bruce by 11:30, sipped coffee on the beach, saw dozens of swallows at play, discovered a gateway to the sea and felt grateful that Lake Erie is only 60 kilometres from my front porch. 

Photos from along the way:

 Swallow nests under a bridge lined w grass. No young birds visible, yet.

 "I keep my eye on the cloud cover"

 The Gateway to the Sea

Pat always offers her cellphone. I prefer rotary-dial!

I didn't have time for my usual BLT. However, on my way to Erie, I did stop at Spicer's Bakery, on Aylmer's main street (near the four corners), and enjoyed date squares, Trilbies, and a thermos of coffee under clear blue skies around noon. Sweeet.

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