Sunday, June 11, 2017

Under Attack! Hops are Hoppin'.

They started off early in the spring once the ground had warmed. They climbed the fence before the ferns blocked part of their path. They soon looked like they were going to take over the fence and back deck - like last year - approaching the deck at the rate of 6 - 12 inches per day.

And last week I realized I wasn't ready.

Here they come!! Hop vines climb twine toward by back deck

They are getting closer by the hour

But I'm ready for them this year!

Last year I attached blue spruce boughs to the deck railing and hops eventually covered them, making a lovely sunscreen. This year I erected a stylish structure made from western red cedar (top rail added yesterday) and have attempted to guide the vines with the use of twine runners.

I think I'm ready for a dozen approaching vines.

We shall see what we shall see.

Please link to last year's crop of hops at My Morning Smile 23

More to follow.

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