Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Last Projects 2017 (6).

And Then, a Woodpecker Came Along!

[Photo: Finishing touches on two bird feeders]

Final tasks in the workshop are definitely coming along nicely. One bird feeder is finished and out the door (and I forgot to take 'finished' photos!), and the second one (now also sold) will be finished very soon. Trim needs a second coat of red but once it is dry the assembly will fly. Maybe I'll remember to take a final picture!

The swap box is almost finished as well. I just need to cut lumber for a new platform and collar to accommodate a wider metal pole. Everything should be ready to install on an Old South front yard in a few days, and I will be finished projects for 2017.... (Jinxed alert!)

 Red trim for one feeder.

 Most of the trim is attached.

 Plexiglass is inserted, 5/8th inch above the surface of the base.

 Two latches are now required - to keep squirrels at bay.

 Swap Box is ready for assembly. Platform and collar are next up.

Red paint goes a long way in the workshop.

About being finished for 2017. I thought 'Voila!' could be stated very soon.... until a recent email arrived with attached photo.

I believe a pernicious Hairy Woodpecker has been at work on one of my Little Libraries and help is needed to repair significant damage. Though I have not had to deal with this type of repair on a library in the past, I have seen this type of damage one other time this year, and it occurred on the cedar siding on my own house, above the workshop door. So, two wee fixes are in order asap.

Hopefully, by the time I'm finished, all Hairy Woodpeckers will be sipping Pina Coladas somewhere far to the south of London!

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Photos GH, Y. Tyml.

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