Monday, October 23, 2017

Muskrats Prep for Winter.

[Photo: I was looking for Snap Turtle, noticed Rat de Riviere instead]

With some mild weather ahead (i.e., mild enough for motorcycling), I will likely be able to return to an active creek that travels under two small bridges on Edgeware Line, south and east of Mapleton (home of "Taxidermy and Cheese Shop").

I hope to see Mr. Snap Turtle, a large snapping turtle - one more time - before he migrates for the winter. And now I will keep my eyes peeled for the swimming adventures of at least two healthy muskrats that like the same section of the tiny creek. 

Definitely at home in the water, I called them 'river rats' to myself until I showed the photos to a friend in Aylmer. She immediately said, "They're muskrats." 

Who knew? Not me. I don't think I've ever seen one, before yesterday. (Unless the large brown rat I saw, this spring or last fall on a walking trail behind the PUC building at Ridout and Horton, was in fact a muskrat. I just said to myself at the time, "That's the biggest rat I've ever seen!")

Life is full of small adventures, especially if one pokes their nose under wee bridges along the way.

More to follow.

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