Monday, October 23, 2017

Port Bruce - October 22, 2017 (1).

Warm Enough for a Dip?

[Photo: I walked straight into the deep end]

The tall, stout waves along the north shore of Lake Erie were both cool and inviting yesterday, and seconds after I'd tossed my T-shirt onto a beach towel I was chest deep in the water.

"I'll stay in just long enough to blow the dust off," I said to myself.

Unfortunately, I misjudged the height of the first wave - I was having trouble with the footing at the same time - and my old, trusty pocket camera got a soaker*. 

In my lifetime I have taken dips in colder waters (summer of 2007, at Hattie's Cove on Lake Superior) but not at such a late date in the year. And, the skies were so clear yesterday, some of the photos seem to be record-breaking as well (in my humble opinion).

 Incoming! Even more refreshing than Key Lime ice cream!

 The fellow in the red T-shirt exits the lake a few seconds before me.

Round Two, coming up!

Camera is dried off and still taking photos.

In we go again!

After a quick towel-dry I headed for The Corner View Cafe for a BLT, coffee and a Key Lime cone. All three items were the best of the year, as car after car and bike after bike toured past my corner table. 

If weather allows, I shall return.

*Three 30-second videos did not download this morning, so something is definitely fishy inside my old camera. Rats.

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