Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Yer Outta Here!


[Photo: Too many humans!]

The above photo, and several others below, were tossed - for one reason or another - from a recent 'photo challenge'. Life's like that some times. You dress up nice, put a new fedora on your head, and first thing you hear is, "You wearing that to dinner?"

 Too much explanation.

 Subject is too small.

 Subject is too long and dark.

 This makes sense to only one person.

 Gord's first oil painting. Who cares?

Yes, it looks better in colour. Not Allowed!!

 Who cares about mud swallow nests anymore?

 I mean, who doesn't know about my love affair with Port Bruce?

 Even though it's fall, colour photos are not allowed.

 One rare salad fork = two rare birdhouses. Yawn. Outta here!

My Dad. Rare photo from Nov. 8, 1942. Allies invade N. Africa. First time
U.S. troops are involved in big numbers (50 U.S. Rangers raided Dieppe three
months earlier). My father is the Canadian sailor (centre) assisting U.S. troops
exit the landing craft. But, it's not my photo. Imperial War Museum. Rejected!

There. It's out of my system.

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