Friday, December 7, 2012

Ollie and Me: "No changes are required"

My wife and grandson Ollie worked together recently on a painting project and after he applied one coat of purple to a cottage's front door he was asked if he wanted to start a second coat. He looked at the door for a second or two and replied, "It's perfect."

I can understand why my wife encouraged a second coat. The bottom of the door requires a bit of paint and if she could get him to finish the door maybe she could encourage him to to work a bit longer on the roof, especially around the chimney.

That being said, I started thinking about what 'it's perfect' might mean to Ollie, a six-year-old. Here's what I came up with as I surveyed the scene:

"I'm done now. I set out to paint the door purple and now it is. I like the purple paint. I wonder what's next? Grandma wants me to start a second coat. What's that? Does she mean I should do it again? But I'm done now. I set out to paint the door purple and it is. It's perfect."

Maybe he just wanted to play with his binoculars for a few minutes, or hide inside my laundry basket.. Whatever the case, I think the kid is perfect.

Photo by GH 


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