Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Workshop: "I was kidding about flush toilets"

Four down, four to go. Now that the paint is dry, the telephone poles, roof trim, windows and perches can be assembled and applied.

Question: What to do with a broken Northland hockey stick?

Now you know.

Odds and ends make interesting perches as well, in my opinion.

Distinctive hinges and small pieces of driftwood from Port Bruce will never go to waste.

Photos by GH


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Linda McKinlay said...

Just received one of your amazing birdhouses from my son Damian (who sits in front or behind you at the Knights game), and my daughter-in-law. It is really cool, and all of my friends are impressed. Just a quick question though - before putting it outside should I varathane it, or something like that?
Thanks again.
Linda McKinlay

G. Harrison said...

Hi Linda,

Hi Linda,

If you were given a log-cabin-style house, it is made of fir, as I recall. I removed most of its thin coat of varathane before assembly. Fir, like pine, will age gracefully, and turn to brownish-gray within a year or so. If you'd like to add some protection from the weather (not much is needed in my opinion), I recommend a light coat of linseed oil only. I use it on occasion w a bit of maple stain included, to add mid-brown colour. Don't buy linseed oil or maple stain if you don't have the items on hand; I have a mix you are welcome to use, no extra charge : ) My workshop is open most afternoons 'til 6 p.m.