Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Workshop: 'Log cabins' on the brain

It doesn't happen often, but because a sturdy piece of old oak created a lot of smoke while I cut it on my table saw - enough smoke to attract attention from a neighbour or two - I purchased barn board (two 8-footers) for future birdhouses. I then drew up a schematic (as I call it), detailing how to cut the boards into logs and slats - just so - in order to minimize the waste.

["I was given the bamboo. Is it useful? I'll think about it"]


Today, after cutting the barn board and sorting and sanding scores of pieces, I assembled a half dozen fresh log cabins. And I produced almost no waste.

The cabins look AOK as is, and the red paint (please see below) doesn't look too shabby either in my humble opinion.

Trim will be applied soon, i.e., windows, chimneys, telephone poles, perches, etc. Nine other cabins still need to be sanded and assembled (some w cedar rooves: I look forward to seeing how they'll look), so tomorrow will be another busy day.

Sharp-eyed observers will notice there is an old chamber pot under the white bench above. A kind-hearted neighbour gave it to me, knowing how much time I spend in the shop. I didn't say 'no' because I thought it would come in handy... as a conversation piece, of course.

Photos by GH


Are you doing last minute projects in the workshop?

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