Friday, December 21, 2012

The Workshop: "I'm busy and dusty and happy"

I created a tonne of saw dust recently while cutting and sanding materials for a batch of eight log cabin birdhouses. A thick layer of it covered every surface within 10 feet of the saw, including me, and my wife soon tired of hearing my lame joke of the week: "Sorry I'm late for supper but I couldn't find the light switch in the shop."

["The last of the cabins with a solid, white roof"]

["The last with a solid red roof but the first with hearts and birdies"]

I'm now just seconds away from continuing work on a batch of nine more cabins with slatted rooves. I think the cedar slats will make a very distinctive lid and help me rid the shop of bits of rescued cedar that have been 'hanging about' for quite some time.

["The cedar slats should look awesome and last for years"]

Here is something I've learned while making cabins: Just about every scrap of lumber I've collected (or rescued from the curb, etc.) this year can be used for logs and slats. Easy kap-easy, and it does my heart good not to throw stuff out.

Even tough wood from knot holes will look at home as perches, in my opinion.

More pictures to follow? Count on it.

Photos by GH 


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