Friday, June 7, 2013

at a snail's pace 5

Nature can be cruel at times, and moments after a local rabid snail proved to me it could cross deep chasms in my deck, it turned a steely gaze toward my open workshop door with - I feared - evil intent.

["Snail picked up speed. I feared the worst"] 

His eyes pointed straight toward me. I asked myself, "What's the workshop's emergency drill in a case like this?"

"Head for the hills!" I shouted and reached for the keys to my '64 Volkswagen.

["But the snail blocked my retreat to the hills"]

"He's asking for it now," I shouted. I initially back away, then put the Volks into first gear, revved the engine and hit the juice. The smell of hot petrol filled my nostrils as I bolted toward the snail and the shop door at about 20 km. per hour.

Only skillful driving and a near miss averted disaster for us both.

As I sped past the snail and toward the hills I knew, if I ever wanted to get back inside the workshop to finish my latest batch of birdhouses, I'd need the help of a good friend trained to deal with such dire straits... and dirty snails. I reached for my cell.

Stay tuned.

Photos by GH


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