Wednesday, June 5, 2013

history in a box: hammer 4

I didn't think there would be a 'hammer 4'. At least not so soon after completing three shadow boxes for   a set of hard working ball peens.

However, a friend and neighbour saw one of my examples of 'history in a box' and soon thereafter visited my workshop with a hammer that once belonged to his grandfather. A lovely hammer it is too, in my opinion.

[What kind of hammer is this?"]

Two things about the hammer: First, I wasn't sure of the type so I googled images of tack hammers and found  one that was similar. At the image's original website [Retrotechnologist] I read the following with much interest. "What you see there is my Old Dependable hammer at the bottom (you don't get wood and metal those hues without using them for a long, long time) and above it, a couple of cross pein* (i.e., peen or pane) or Warrington-pattern hammers. Handiest small hammers I own. I've been using the larger of the two when fastening trim pieces to the window seat I'm working on; the smaller one (especially good for wire brads) is known to British woodworkers as a "telephone hammer" to this very day, supposedly because they were used to nail together the old wooden-type wall telephones, which were usually sent out as a kind of a kit, in order to take up less space on the installers wagon or bicycle." [Please link to Retrotechnologist: Hammers for more information]

Second. I spotted a few informative marks stamped into the metal head. E.g., the number 3, likely indicating the size. Gold Cast, likely indicating the maker. The word 'MILLE', in caps, barely visible, making me think the original owner was named Miller. My friend's wife agreed that her husband's grandfather was named Miller. Today I find out if he realized the name was on it. (I think it's a very cool find, if he didn't spot it).

Today I'm also wondering, will I one day have to add a wing to my shop, the 'Shadowbox Dept.'? I'm hoping I will because it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to drop history into a box, then see it, for example, on a wall or mantel.

Photo by GH


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