Wednesday, June 26, 2013

keeping the workshop alive

["small backyard workshop"]

I want to keep my workshop door open for another 25 years because I like working in my own backyard. I like participating in a creative process, doing odd, easy jobs related to woodworking almost every day, feeling productive, keeping the blood flowing, going from A to Z with a project and at the end saying "Voila!"

The following process seems to be working very well for me:

I buy and rescue decent lumber

["red cedar from a '$10 cull pile' at Home Depot"]

I cut it according to homemade plans and drawings

["one birdhouse ready for sanding"]

I sell a few items from my home and at local shops

["ready for the 'full-on' trim package, then "Voila!"]

A few sales per year keep the shop alive, the blood flowing and I'm learning that reasonable expectations lead to satisfying results and experiences. And piles of dust.

Photos by GH


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