Sunday, June 30, 2013

the handy Hibachi - thumbs up!

["a small barbecue can come in handy"]

I was too lazy to phone. Plus, I would have killed myself during the bike ride.

Please allow me to back up. Last evening, supper was ready for the barbecue, I found the propane tank empty, I grew frustrated (I'd only used the propane tank twice since purchase on Mother's Day), my face was fixed for BBQ, Home Hardware and another propane tank were minutes away by bicycle, the time was 6:05 p.m. and I said "Stink!!" loud enough for many neighbours to hear. I quickly decided not to call the hardware store to see if it was still open. (I'm that lazy at times).

But I wasn't a man without options. I knew I had a very old and dusty barbecue under a workbench in the basement, i.e., a 30-year-old, never-been-used double Hibachi with a $2 price tag on one handle from the time I tried to unload it at a yard sale. I say, good thing people turned up their noses or didn't recognize what the heck it was. It turned out to be a life saver, or meal saver at the very least.

["For youngsters: Hibachi = famous name in small barbecues"]

Fortunately, atop the Hibachi I also found 30-year-old charcoal briquets and a package of fire starter sticks. (I knew the stuff was all together. I have this habit of hanging onto things things way past 'too long'). But would they take a match?

["worth way more now than two bucks"]

["under NON-TOXIC we can add GOOD FOR 30 YEARS"]

["fuel sticks and briquets took a match: supper ETA 60 min."]

They did. And while waiting for lift off I recalled many happy times at the beach with my long gone single Hibachi. Thumbs up if somebody out there is still using it. They do come in handy.

PS Where did I find the crossword references? At the top of my pile of clipped-out crosswords I keep in the TV room. I solved it this morning over coffee. Coincidence.

Photos by GH


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