Friday, June 28, 2013

keeping the shop alive 3

The things I sometimes have to do to keep the shop door open. Yesterday, before cutting and stacking a pile of old cedar fence boards I had to scrape greasy mushrooms off the underside. Will my efforts pay off? We'll see.

["It didn't take long to sand the stock for 8 birdhouses"]

I have often been asked how long it takes to make a birdhouse and not once have I ever timed myself in order to find out. Most of the time I make 6 or 8 at once and the work is spread over 2 - 3 days with other projects on the go at the same time. Then there are frequent interruptions to my shop schedule, i.e., the grass doesn't cut itself when the thought that 'it's ready again' springs to mind. But off hand, I'd say it takes a couple of hours per house when all the steps are considered (from "scrape off mushrooms" to "add full-on trim package" to "Voila!").

["It wasn't long before boxes filled an old bookcase"]

Some boxes, like the rustics that line my shelves today, are quick and easy because the wood is dry, nails find their mark 'first time every time', and the final step - the rustic trim package - is not too fussy. And because the wood was rescued and only cost a few hours of my time, I'd say I now have a great collection of 'Saturday Specials'.

["Voila! No paint is needed. The old stain looks fine"]

In a week or so there will be nothing left of the old fence but a handful of ash and rusty nails in the bottom of my fire pot. Not a bad way to keep the shop alive.

["The last step..."]

["... died down about 9:45 last night"]

Photos by GH


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