Thursday, December 10, 2015

Keep Going 14

Healthy Loops

"The pathway on the east side of the Thames takes me to Oxford Street"

The city of London is filled with healthy walking loops and they are so easy to accesss. For example, yesterday I walked out the door, turned left and was walking beside the Thames River in less than 10 minutes. I followed scenic walking paths until my watch informed me I was near the half-way point, crossed a bridge on Oxford Street and returned to Old South and home. Easy kap-easy, including hill repeats, good views of the downtown, and a great stretch through Blackfriars.

"Sunday (2Hr. 30Min. trek) to Wednesday, Dec. 6 - 9. The walking habit is strong"

Other points of interest:

Yesterday's walk was No. 26 in a row, no days off.
The walk was No.14, as part of Goal 2, i.e., to Keep Going for 60 more 'hour-long-plus' treks.
No one even looks sideways at me anymore when I wear my Green Hornet outfit.

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