Monday, December 7, 2015

Keep Going 11

Another Good Long Walk

"Yesterday I found a pair of low-cut hiking boots in my closet. Excellent!"

The more times I get myself out the door for a good walk the easier my fun and fitness routine - and The GREAT Canadian Comeback - becomes. Yesterday's 2HR. 30 MIN. hike, one that included a turnaround point in Springbank Park, felt like smooth sailing all the way.

I am thinking about tidying up a small space in the basement where I can lay out a couple of exercise mats and barbells. I think one way to gradually increase the amount of exercise I do is to add a stretching and weight-lifting routine. Five minutes here, five minutes there. Why, in a few years I might qualify as 'svelte'!

Svelte. I've never been svelte.

We shall see what we shall see.

 "I took the high road"

 "Next week I'll take the low road again"

 "A bit of sun warmed my back on the way home"

"Cookies and tea would be nice. Thank you, Pat"

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