Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Keep Going 32

Running an Errand, by Walking

"Yesterday's snow - our first for December - is quickly disappearing"

I find this an easy way to get out the door for a walk: Select an important errand - related to a destination 1 - 2 miles from home - and walk there.

Yesterday's walk, KG32, took me - in part - to London's Downtown Library where I ordered microfilm for several 1943 copies of the Montreal Star. Ordering WW2 articles is motivating work!

Charts and graphs related to my walking goals reveal the following:

     I had 23 walks in 31 days in October
     I walked 29 times in 30 days in November
     (I missed three days but doubled up twice)

     I may walk 29 times in 31 days in December if I get
     out today and tomorrow. (Hey, I have more errands!)

I'm at the point in The GREAT Canadian Comeback where I don't want to miss getting out the door each and every day. That's a good point.

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