Friday, December 4, 2015

Keep Going 8

A Brand New Old Pathway!

"I love my new spandex tights"

As one can see from the brilliant sketch above, of 'me in my Green Hornet walking outfit', I walk solo* on occasion, which is AOK by me, and yesterday I sought out 'a new old trail' on the north side of the Thames River within sight of downtown London, ONT.

I was told by another walker that, if I was really adventurous (and I really am), I could hike beneath the railway trestle and continue west all the way to Wonderland Road. I look forward to doing that in the future.

Yesterday, once I had walked about 40 minutes, including several quick stops for 'first-time photos', I found a path that connected me to Forward St., and from there I turned back home. Lovely walk, I say, through an interesting environment.

 "Wharncliffe Rd., looking east to downtown, 60 sec. from new old trail"

 "On new old trail, north side of river, two min. west of Wharncliffe (background)"

 "First-time photo: I've seen the same trestle 100s of times from
the opposite side of Thames, i.e., Greenway Park pathway."

"Near grassy path to Forward St. I spotted this rare (old fir) owl house"

*I know it seems the word 'SOLD' appears in the KG7 box, Dec. 2, but I would never sell my spandex Green Hornet walking outfit. Ha!

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