Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Keep Going 18 Favourite Photos

March, Hep Hep, March!

"Young soldiers are looking for... the finish line at HMCS Prevost"

While I was marching into Greenway Park on Saturday and enjoying the completion of the first mile of a four mile trek, I saw trouble ahead.

Oh, oh, I thought. What trouble have I caused now with my bandying about town?

"A Medic (left) guides the last (and faltering) marcher to a waiting vehicle"

Later, on my way back home on the same path, I caught up to the medic for the group of trainees from around SW Ontario (e.g., London and Chatham region) and was informed the hey were participating in a 15-km. hike, starting and ending at HMCS Prevost, situated at the Fork of the Thames.

I bet they were in town to assist with the 'Toys for Tots' campaign as well.

Well done, guys and gals!

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