Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Morning Smile

Favourite Mug

I lied. It's not my favourite.

I will call this mug my 'preferred' one because 'favourite' seems too strong a word. I mean, I could surely live without it. Surely. My wife and I have 400 mugs. Drinking coffee from a suitable mug should not be a problem in my lifetime.

However, the thought of why I reach for it every morning entered my mind as soon as it was in my hand. I prefer to wrap my hand around this mug rather than grip a handle. Might have something to do with the size of my fingers or hands in relation to the lost handle or other handles I've handled. Might have something to do with the day the handle fell off and I refused to throw out the mug on that account. I sanded the rough spots and thought the mug would still last for years and get lots of use, if only we'd give it a chance.

Might be for a lot of other reasons too. Got any ideas?

Enjoy your coffee.

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Anonymous said...

Ah - the life of stuff. I so appreciate exploring what remains after the great purging that seems to naturally occur sometime post 60. There's a lot of story in knowing why you save what you save - expand on it!

G. Harrison said...

Slow but sure, I will clean out the basement.