Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Recommended Reading - re North Africa

The Campaign for North Africa

I purchased this book by Jack Coggins during a stop in Ottawa, June, 2014. Though the book is 34 years old it is pertinent to me as I try to read more WW2 books that relate to the raids, invasions or activities my father participated in as a member of RCNVR and Combined Operations. I paid a few dollars for this 195-pager at a used-book room in Ottawa's War Museum and after reading the first 50 pages this week I feel it is a good deal for two reasons.

First, Ports in Algiers are mentioned, i.e., Oran and Arzeu, places my father talks about in his Navy memoirs. For example, he brought supplies ashore on a beach at Arzeu, within sight of an outdoor cafe, and remarked, "Good reconn."

Second, while reading I was reminded of two other books I saw at the museum that I didn't buy, due to lack of space on my motorcycle. So, I contacted the museum yesterday and today with the hopes of tracking the books down. I have Volume 2 of The Naval Service of Canada already and know it is a useful text. It mentions the history of a Combined Operations base on Vancouver Island where my father served from January 1944 'til the late summer or early fall of 1945. Volume I will have details re Halifax, HMCS Stadacona, where father trained as well earlier in the war.

Money well spent if the books are still on an upper shelf where I left them. We shall see, we shall see.

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