Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Workshop - Odds and Sods

One of Those Interesting Days

 ["Today I'll take 5 minutes to frame the signs, then 'Voila!' Done."]

I touched three bases yesterday in the workshop. I painted signs for two squirrel nesting boxes, assembled several wee birdhouses (BHs) for an upcoming, all-out trim day (related to eight, full-sized, red cedar BHs), and assembled a frame for a local artisan's creative handiwork.

["The wee ones go indoors for a bit of paint"]

["Rustic frame shows off lovely handiwork by a friend and neighbour"]

I like days in the workshop when I do a bit of this and that to move various items toward the Out Box.

What will today bring? More interesting bits and bobs, I bet.

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