Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Workshop - Mystery Projects 2

Music and Beer, Man

["I'm ready to sand six western cedar tap handles"]

 Western cedar is a lovely soft wood, so the sanding job didn't take long.

Next. I build a small jig to support the handles while I drill a 1/2-inch wide hole into the base. Then I will add stain and varnish. The client will later add 'stainless steel dual-threaded tap handle inserts' (they remind me of beer kegs for some reason) and get his taps to workin'. I'm expecting an invite : )

I still don't know what the project above is all about (pine barn board, easy to cut and sand) , something to do with musical equipment,, That being said, it was delivered last night and paid for supper. Yummy mystery project, I say.

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