Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Speed Up, Man! "90 Day Free Trial"

"Oh, I'll Fly in April, May, and June"

"Spandex Man!"

So, I had to go for the red spandex running tights. They looked hot in the store window, I liked the feel and they were 60 per cent off "This Week Only!" And you'll be seeing a lot of them on paths and trails in London over the next three months as I speed up my walking routine with shuffling and jogging - for 90 days. "Speed Up, Man 90" I call this next set of brisk, fully athletic, outdoor walks.

 "The bright weather looks even brighter with red in the picture"

"I 'Carried On' for 60 walks. Now I will 'Speed Up' for 90"

Watch out. If you see me coming (and I'm pretty sure you'll see me a mile away), step aside. I haven't shuffled or jogged in a long time and I might be wobbling all over the place.

Here's to wobbln!

 "Yesterday I figured out why the Thames is so high this year"

"Somebody forgot to turn off the 'Fountain at the Forks'!"

Please link to Carry On Gang 60 "Hey, Who's on First?"

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