Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Carry On Gang "February, By the Numbers"

Positive Stats

I set a couple of personal goals in February re my brisk walking program, aka The GREAT Canadian Comeback. I wanted to walk on 26 of 29 days, and therefore reach 'Carry On Gang' 30, or COG 30, out of the 60.

And how did I do in a month that included 3 strategic days off and 2 sick days?

Thanks to squeezing in 6 'one and a halfers' (or 1.5s; i.e., 6-miles in length vs the usual 4-miles) I made up for 3 of my 5 days off and completed 27 walks in 29 days, and hit COG 31 on the last day of the month. Not bad for a guy who was sneezy and drippy for almost a week.

"My kilt attracted a lot of attention on cold days in February"

Because I tend to keep track of how many walks I complete and approx. how far I go, the chart below - dealing with the last five months, reveals a few positive trends:

By the Numbers

                    Days       Walks       %        Ave.%       Miles      Ave. Mi./Mo.

Oct.              31             23        74.2         74.2            72              72

Nov.            30              29        96.7         85.5           105            88.5

Dec.            31              29        93.5         88.1           121            99.3

Jan.             31              30        96.8         90.3           140            109.5

Feb.            29              27        93.1         90.9           114            110.4

"Colour co-ordination matches my determination"

Positive trends:

I walk 90% of the days in each month. (At 90%, in 2016, that would be 329 walks).

I walk over 105 miles per month. (2016 - 1260 miles!)

Goals for March:

Walk on 28 days. Cover 110 miles. Hit COG 59. Enjoy the view.

Okay, we shall see what we shall see.

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